Sample Sale: Baublebar Summer 2014

One of the glorious things I learned about whilst working in NYC are a beautiful thing called SAMPLE SALES. For those of you who don’t know what Sample Sales are, they are magical rooms filled with an array of discounted merchandise from your favorite designers–usually one designer per sample sale. (Okay so maybe it’s not so much a magical room, but a stuffy factory-like one with prop up tables and racks spilling with goods that women/men scavenge like buzzards… But the cheap goods are tres manifique and make the pound you sweat off digging through things so worth it!) And if you have expensive taste without the purse to back it up, these sales are your BFFs. I stalk all the sales I want to go to through Racked, 260SAMPLESALE, and via @samplesally on twitter–Oh yes, I got that scene on lock down. So you can imagine my delight when I stalked read an article on Racked about Baublebar‘s sample sale and how to get in early. UMMM, YES PLEASE.

The following are images of the Baublebar Sample Sale event. Note: photos may appear blurry—this is because I was part distracted with overwhelming glee from looking at all the goods and part distracted by trying not to run into the hordes of young ladies looking for their perfect baubles.




So I didn’t even get to take a good photo of the room–which had tons of tables with trays on trays of rings, bracelets, and necklaces as well as lots of mirrors to see your scores on as well as a cash station/bag check. But the whole scene basically went like this. You enter the factory like room (which was way too hot with so many bodies rushing around–the poor employees running it!), grab a tray and roam amongst the tables of goods. Each table had a specific item on it at a certain range of prices. Rings were generally $5-10. Bracelets/Bangles were $5-15. Earrings were $5-20. And Necklaces were priced at $10, $12, $15, $20 and $25.

Basically, everything was SUPER reasonably priced and so cute. The hardest part was not getting too overwhelmed by all the cute baubles and finally telling yourself to stop. (It was tough, believe me!) I ended up with a decent score of  a nice statement collar, 2 pairs of studs, and a cute arrow bangle. (I also got a couple of gifts for friends that I don’t want to show as it might ruin the surprise…sorry, but I had to share how crazy I truly went at this sale!)


I have since worn all these items a couple of times. They’re so cute!!


This color is a little geometric–which I love right now, but also pretty girly and sparkly. Which is what I went to the sale really hoping to find since I wanted something to spice up some of my more plain tops. I think it really does the job well!



This arrow bangle actually pairs really well with a couple of wrap bracelets I have and also my alex and anis. I love it!


Sometimes I find that I just want to wear a fun pair of studs instead of dangly earrings. These are actually the perfect size–not to big, but still noticeable enough to spice things up. I think they make any look really cool. The white ones I find work well in both a classic manner and an edgy one.


All in all, I thought it was a great sample sale. Great selection, great prices, helpful staff, a decent space (even if it was a little hot) and I ended up with a great purchase! Overall, success!!

Do you love baublebar? What are some of your favorite pieces? What other stores/online brands are you shopping? Lemme know!

As always, dear readers, happy shopping!

~xoxo, L