Review: Michael Todd Anti-Aging Skincare Kit

 I MAY or may not have a slight addiction to online shopping (so easy, yet so dangerous.) and one of my guilty pleasures are the deal sites–Groupon, Gilt, Rue La La, LivingSocial, HauteLook….oh yes. I have many online kryptonites. Don’t worry though, I usually merely only take pleasure in browsing, but ever so often something jumps out at me that I HAVE to have.

Most recently, it was an anti aging skincare kit by Michael Todd. (which I got for the skincare aspect, not so much the anti aging part since I’m only in my 20s.) Now, to be fair, I have been eyeing Michael Todd products since I’ve seen samples in ipsy– I really like the organic product idea and I have heard pretty good things. So when I saw the kit on LivingSocial for $23 (original price $46) — I snagged it. The following are my (re)views on the kit!

(Note: You can find the exact kit on the Michael Todd website here! (It’s since dropped to $33 on the online store!

The Packaging


The actual kit packaging, to me, was nothing special. Seemed like a typical box that you might get at a Macy’s perfume counter.  I especially wasn’t crazy for so much lime green! But the individual products were very cute. I liked the clean style with the lavender and purple colors mixed with a hint of the lime green logo elements. (Note that I said “hint” and not “overly obnoxious amount” coughcough nudgenudge, Micahel Todd.)

The products it contained were:

  • Cleanse: SKIN DEFENDER aha crème facial cleanser – 50 ml / 1.7 fl oz
  • Tone: CRANBERRY ANTIOX hydrating anti-aging toner – 50 ml / 1.7 fl oz
  • Scrub: TROPICAL FRUIT enzyme exfoliant scrub – 40 ml / 1.3 fl oz
  • Hydrate: LIPOSOME ANTIOXIDANT MOISTURIZER with dmae and hyaluronic acid – 40 ml / 1.3 fl oz
  • Treat: PEARL AND SILK facial mask – 40 ml / 1.3 fl oz


The Products


First up, the Skin Defender Cleanser. I found this cleaner to do the job pretty well, but it wasn’t as tough as some–so I wouldn’t say it would take off my makeup if I wanted it to. The consistency was milky and rubbed on pretty clear. Overall it felt nice and fresh.

Next up, the Cranberry Antioxident Hydrating Anti Aging Toner. I actually really liked this toner! It smelt fresh and didn’t feel like it had as much alcohol content as other toners–so it didn’t dry out my skin or irritate it in any way. I would so buy this again.

My FAVORITE product in this bundle was the Tropical Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant Scrub –Oh my god you guys, this smelt like a creamsicle on my face!! I was in scented bliss while my face was in exfoliant bliss!! Plus it left my face nice and smooth! This might be my new favorite summer exfoliant!

But with the good, comes the bad…and by that I mean the Liposome Antioxidant Moisturizer with dmae and hyaluronic acid. Okay, maybe that is being harsh. The product itself did its job pretty well, it was very moisturizing and not too greasy which is great–but I was not a fan of the smell. Why? Roses. I don’t know what it is about roses, but sometimes when its melded into products a certain way, it just smells like a dying flower bed. The smell killed it for me, but the outcome was nice. SUCH CONFLICT!

Lastly, the strangest thing in this kit was the Pearl and Silk Facial Mask. I say strange in a good way–I’ve never seen a mask like it. It literally felt silky and rubbed on clear-ish with perl shimmer hues in it. It was like I was covering my face in shimmery moonlight–I’m so not used to my masks looking like that! (Let’s just say my clay masks are a drastic difference!)

The Verdict

So there you have it! All those products in decent travel sizes for $23! Money well spent and possibly more bang for my buck! Though I still think its worth the now $33 online price, it really does make my face feel great without feeling too harsh/damaging. Plus, it’s also organic and a complete routine! It’s worth trying if you want to change up your nightly routine a bit! (I usually take turns with this and my typical products. I like changing it up!)

What do you use for you skincare routine? Have you tried any  Michael Todd products that you love? Let me know! I’m always interested in a great buy! 😉