Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (Review)

 So recently I was fortunate enough to snag a deluxe sample/preview of Urban Decay’s newest mascara “Perversion”  during their social media prerelease. (Basically, I got their newsletter/email instructions on how to sign up for a sample and jumped on that faster than a kid in rainboots headed for a puddle.) And let me just say: I’m so happy I did. Here are my thoughts on my new pervy eyes:

The Packaging 


Girrlllllll, look at that body! Make you think of anything? My thoughts: the sexy evil twin to Benefit’s “They’re Real!”. Sleek, metallic and a hint of the signature UD purple style.  The product container’s shape is a little less interesting than Benefit’s, but I won’t cry too hard over that since it’s what’s inside that counts. 😉

The Formula & Application 


Speaking of the inside, get a look at them bristles! #catcall

I found the bushy applicator to be very helpful when it came to getting a generous amount of mascara to cover my lashes. The consistency was a tad wet, but went on smooth, stuck on nicely and didn’t clump. Just really made by lashes: Bolder, blacker, and dare I say…badder?  The smell wasn’t overly potent either, which was a plus since I’ve whiffed some stanky ones lately. (This is not a pasttime of mine, I promise. But there’s no way you can get 100% pure fruit mascara on your eyes without tearing up from rotten fruit odors.)

The Results

(before on the left, after on the right)



Dayum! Amirite? I was so pleased to see the results! I have such light  eyelashes that seem to disappear without the application of eyeliner. It’s nice to see a mascara that makes my eyes pop without the added backdrop! I mean, look at that difference. Left: bald eyes Right: lashes comparable to the flowy locks of Sofia Vergara.

In short, I will be repurchasing this mascara when it releases on July 13th. What about you? Are you excited for Urban Decay’s newest mascara release? Did you get to sample it? Share your thoughts with me!

Until next time!


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