Spring Haul: Old Navy, H&M, & Francesca’s Closet!

April Showers bring….clothing hauls? I don’t know about you all, but when the sun is out and I finally awaken from my winter hibernation state of mind, I feel the need to shop! (Especially at the nearby strip mall so I can get that healthy dose of shine while peeking my head in the windows.) I definitely got spring fever this weekend and my wallet started to feel the heat, lemme tell you.

First Stop: H & M


2 for $10 black camis, black floral chiffon tank $14.95, light pink floral scarf $6.95

I am in LOVE with pastel/light colors and flower prints this season (though let’s be honest, who isn’t?) and, lucky for me, they’re everywhere!! I pretty much flocked to anything light and flowery in H&M, but I also got sidetracked by the end of season sweater deals! There was a whole rack of sweaters for just $15 each! Naturally, I had to try on a bunch, but don’t worry–I restrained myself and stuck with this nice loose knit light brown one. (I convinced myself that since its loose knit I could still wear it on cool summer nights…seems legit, right?)


Loose knit tan sweather $15, cut out light brown flats $15 (I think), navy swimsuit top $17.95

The swimsuits at H&M also caught my eye this year. I was pretty impressed they had tops that actually had something for girls with…bigger girls up top–if you know what I mean. I ended up with a basic navy sweetheart top that fit great and I can match with anything. Oh and I also got the cutest pair of cutout flats that are so comfy!! (They run a little loose though, so if you see them, be warned!)

Second Stop: Francesca’s Collection


Hoopish gold earrings $14, silver drop earrings $12, cloverish gold earrings $9

 One of my FAV shops lately has been Francesca’s Collection (am I the only one who wants to call it Francesca’s Closet? Was that its original name or am I just imagining that?) because they have become the source of my jewelry addiction. I physically have to stop myself from going in there and buying more. Don’t get my wrong, I lovelovelove their clothes, home goods, and handbags, but that sparkle is the first thing you see!! Needless to say, when I saw they had a buy 2, get one free deal–I pounced.

(I seriously have such a problem, I had to buy this jewelry organizer at Charming Charlies to sort out my stuff.)


 Third Stop: Old Navy

Old Navy

Peach lace tank top $5, tan patterned maxi skirt $29, striped swim bottoms $15, and flowered swim bottoms $10

Now, Old Navy is notoriously a hit or miss store for me. I either want ALL THE THINGS or none of them. But it was actually on trend when I went. I ravaged the swim section for cute bright bottoms, happened upon the cutest neutral maxi skirt that is going to become a summer staple in my wardrobe, got “motivational” work out gear, and hit up their 70% off rack for the peach tank top! ($5 steal!!)

Purple running tank $12, black running jacket $32

Purple running tank $12, black running jacket $32

Don’t Forget! VS Last Day


Card could be anywhere from $10 to $500 off your purchase!

I recently went through an overhaul of my undergarments and changed up my collection which caused me to attain a couple of “secret reward” cards. They all were usable this month so I of course had to treat myself to some fashionable spring items! I just wanted to remind all you shopaholics that if you have those cards, they expire today! (4/29) So use them while you can!My current VS addiction: the bright flowered boyfriend bras and Pink panties in neon colors!

So that was my spending massacre! I am finally feeling a little ready for spring and am loving all the new bright additions to my closet! How about you? What are you excited to wear this spring? What trends are you loving?